Zyppah Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is An Anti-Prank Device

Snoring prank

It’s not fun when the joke is on you. It’s even more horrible to watch a footage of yourself looking like a fool over and over. And the worst part? People watching that footage repeatedly. I like to be isolated from everyone when I sleep because being a constant snorer, I’m very insecure doing so. It’s like this feeling of paranoia I get every time I sleep. “What if someone might find my snoring hilarious?” Or better yet, “someone might take advantage of me snoring and record it on camera.” It’s always these lines that creep through my skin. So you’d get me when I say I don’t do well with slumber parties as a teen, or outdoor camping with friends. I never overcame this anxiety and even more so today with the brisk improvement of social networking and photo and video sharing.


If there is a way to make a snore sound good, appealing, or less annoying I’d like to know how. Otherwise, I’d wish to be rid of it. I sound like a broken radio and not to mention how I look when I sleep. I don’t want to wake up the next day again finding out that my friends had secretly taken a video of me like a Snore-zilla and uploaded it on Instagram.

As I went over through the Internet, I’ve read about this anti-snoring mouthpiece from a Zyppah review on mouthguard for snoring site. The review covered the basics of the product. A very honest review, in my opinion. I’m very satisfied with how it stated the cons of Zyppah as well as the pros. And mind you, the disadvantages weren’t a deal-breaker. After reading the article, I was sure that I am now one step ahead to stopping this Mr. Snores-A-Lot punch line my friends and family throw on me.

Snoring funny man

Having convinced by the review, I took a leap of faith and ordered one for myself. At first, I had trust issues with the product thinking it might be one of those hocus-pocus devices and again, make me only look like a fool even more. But I had no choice, and I believed that it won’t hurt to give it a try. And to tell you the truth, I was wrong for judging Zyppah. It really does work! The good thing about this product compared to its competitors is that it has tongue stabilization. Other brands only support mandibular repositioning. What it means is that it pushes the lower jaw forward to slightly open the airway and prevent it from making snoring noises. However, mandibular repositioning can only do work as much but still not enough. With tongue stabilization, it holds your tongue in place impeding it to fall back into the throat which blocks the airway. This product is FDA cleared so I was assured it was safe.

I have come to love the product and never again did I snored nor was made fun of it. No more frustrations of sleeping and fear of seeing a ridiculous photo of myself on the Internet. I am so satisfied with the device, and I want to others with the same woe as I had to review the Zyppah mouthguard, more information is provided on its website. And I hope that you’ll be inclined with the item because for me, it’s totally worth it.