Looking for New Camera Angles

shoreI remember reading somewhere that one sure fire way to come up with great photographs, is to have something interesting to shoot. Of course, you can always take something more mundane, such as a leaf, a bug or a tree, and make it interesting through the choices you make, settings-wise and framing-wise. But at the same time, if you have a landscape that looks amazing or a subject who looks striking, then your job as a photographer is made that much easier. So this means that I’m always trying to look around, in order to eyeball some interesting sculpture, structure, vehicle, person, or whatever else catches my fancy.

As far as interesting scenery goes, I’m a big fan of taking pictures by the shore. There’s just something about having such a large expanse of water, all the way up to the horizon. And then, above all that water, you have open sky which may be full of clouds one day, but a clean bright blue on another. I do enjoy finding ways to take different kinds of photographs at the beach. The trick is trying to come up with new ways to do it. At the moment, I’m running some experiments with boards I found at www.bestinflatablesup.com/.

You see, the problem with photos taken at the beach is that they can become a bit stale. You can take photos from the shore, of course. And you can take photos while you’re in the water. But then there’s a tendency to fall into a bit of a rut framing and position-wise because you want to make sure that your equipment is protected from the salt water and sun. Thankfully, things are much easier now because you have a lot of camera accessories which are designed to protect your camera, even if it falls into the water, while still allowing you to take the photos you wish.

So I was thinking of pairing a camera protected from the water by a waterproof case, with my new Best Inflatable Sup. I won’t have to worry about my equipment, so I can focus on getting a good shot. And then the standing paddle board will allow me to take photos of people who are swimming, but from a different, more elevated vantage point. I’m hoping that this will open up new angles for me. I might also make use of a monopod attached to the camera to add even more height to the camera angle. I’ll see if the resulting images will be interesting enough, to merit even more experimentation and exploration.