Compact Cameras vs. The SLR Cameras of Modern Photography

Old CamerasPhotographers from all over the world have their own camera preferences. We can sit down and argue all day about which one is better among the rest, but I think that is a total waste of time.

All cameras are good, if you use them for the right reasons, right place, and right subject. Before, cameras were too big to carry around. Remember the ones you see in the movies when the photographer would have to cover his face and hold a stick like a bomb trigger in order to snap the photo? From there, observe how the cameras have improved. From film and now digital, it has grown for the better.

Professional photographers are hoarders of different cameras. That doesn’t mean that they are obsessed with it, they hoard in a good way. Modern photography involves using high-tech lenses and of course, a reliable camera. People who love to travel and love to take pictures don’t want to carry all those heavy lenses and cases. That is why manufacturers created the compact cameras. From the name itself, you can carry them in your bag or sash it sideways like a sling bag or necklace. They are tiny and not that heavy compared to the big and bulky DSLRs. They contain automatic setups because they do not have those lenses that you can manipulate manually. All you have are tiny buttons to zoom in and zoom out.

The DSLR family, on the other hand, are not for the faint of heart. New CamerasThey are heavy, fat, and bulky. But if you are a pro and use photography as your means of living, then buy an SLR. You can customized it by buying a suitable lens that would fit your zooming cravings. You can manually control the crispness and sharpness of every picture you shoot. You are your own master.


Great pictures should not be judged by what camera was used in order to capture it. If the picture is great, but you found out it was just taken from an iPhone, deal with it. Photography’s beauty is so wild, vast, and it should be free. Images are captured because they are meant to be shared regardless of how it was taken. There are a lot of photographers out there who would do anything in order to get a great shot. In the end, it is not about what type of camera you use but how you shoot it.