And so it begins…..


Here is where the journey will start.  Or really it is not much of a start, for I have been on a photographic journey since I was a kid.  But rather this will be the place it will begin to be documented and shared with all of the world.  So here, in this little space on the internet, I am essentially going to open a window into my life and photographs, for any and all to look into and see.

This is just another step in the process of learning and growing, both as a photographer and as an individual.


As a photographer I hope that displaying my work here will help me to better see my process, technique, and selection of shots.  I can of course look at this on my own, but having them listed here, and in a certain order of progression over time, while aid me in having a better perspective on the pictures themselves.  I find it amazing that over time as you look back a photograph that you’re thoughts and feelings about it change.  It can be encouraging to see the growth in your skill and eye over time.


Through this blog I seek to grow as and individual just as much, or maybe more, than a photographer.  This growth could apply in many different ways, methods, and levels, most of which I don’t think I have even probably thought through, nor am I prepared for it.  I look forward to seeing what personal growth I can notice and hope to document that here as well.

Initially I hope ot just see a change in my perspective and view point on my daily life.  It seems that one’s perspective and feelings have a way of creeping into their work and photographs.  I have notice that in my own previous work.  Through the transparent medium I hope to see an improvement on my perspective to be more positive, and to be focus more on the things that are of most importance to me.

So I will grab my camera and begin this journey to see what I may encounter and what I can capture and record, both in my pictures and in my thoughts.